Sheet mask – water for your skin!

An extensive summary of Asian skincare trend

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Swissland is well known for their professional bank service and wonderful chocolates. Italian is famous for their sports cars and mouth-watering cuisines. When it comes to fashion and design, one can never forget the influence of Milan just as the perfume from Paris.

Recent years, Asia has become more and more famous for the fantastic skin care trends such as 10 steps skin care routine, new creams and facial masks with ingredients that we don’t know what! It is Asia where innovation of modern skin care products take place, some of these great inventions have made their way to the west even though we might not remember which alphabet we are at now for creams. Except donating the idea of BB cream to the world, Asia is offering countless types of sheet masks that will change the skincare world even here in the west!

Though we are not really following the trend yet here in Europe, sheet mask has already made it way to US where celebrities such as Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Osbourne Chris Pratt and Jesy Nelson have posted their sheet mask selfie on various social medias where they talk about how fantastic sheet masks are!

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